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The Treasure Mirror

Updated: Oct 13, 2023


I hear it often – “I’ll be attractive when I lose 20 pounds,” or “get a promotion,” or “a face lift,” or… If you don’t see yourself as attractive as you would like, you’ve probably been looking in the wrong mirror – the beauty mirror, polished by Mother Culture, in which you compare yourself to standards of beauty and success that are either unachievable or somewhere off in the future. While good looks and money are undoubtedly strong magnets, plenty of extremely attractive people possess neither.  The tabloids constantly remind us that neither wealth nor physical beauty alone are sufficient to create an enduring intimacy.  It’s not about the wrapping, but what’s inside.

Attractiveness is the light, an energy that radiates aliveness and draws others to you.

You can see and expand your attractiveness when you trade in the beauty mirror.

Pick up the treasure mirror.  It's a double-sided mirror that gives you a look at yourself from two different perspectives. Together they show you the possibilities for closeness and intimacy.

Side A reflects your attractiveness from the inside.  Gazing deeply, you can see yourself within an enormous, continuously unfolding, mysterious world, full of hidden gifts. Your gratitude for the wonder of life is radiant.  Your openness to discovery and desire to contribute glow from your core and draw others to your light.

Side B reveals your limitations. Your failures, areas of incompetence, resentment, doubt, stubbornness, arrogance, and lousy moods are all part of being human. They cannot be eliminated. But when you are courageous enough to turn the mirror over and tell the truth about what you see, you can bring new light to any area you commit to change.

Appreciating the enormity of possibilities for learning creates an energy of wonder and a hunger for teachers. Embracing beginnerhood enables you to learn anything you put your mind to. Your light and confidence expands as learning takes place.

Attractiveness projects the message, “You want to dance with me, because I am a joy to be with.”

Are you willing to take a look?


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