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What it is to be ‘we’

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

‘we’ is a physical, emotional, and spiritual experience of two or more individuals in which each is fully satisfied in their coexistence.  Enlightenment may be ‘we’ extended into the universe, but I want to talk about ‘we’ in the simplest terms of two.

‘we’ is the feeling you have when your touch of another produces bilateral pleasure – when it excites me to give you excitement.  You lose your self in ‘we’ and become a single, energetic entity. With softened boundaries, you are able to perceive the world more broadly and can flexibly accommodate the bumps along the road.

‘we’ is each being so attuned to the other that you come together.  Beyond sex, ‘we’ is the way you move with another into the future.  Attuned, you move as gracefully to the rhythms of life as Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.

But because life is an eternal bouncing between our individuality and our connectedness, ‘we’ comes and goes. You have it and then, you don’t.  It is lost as soon as your personal preferences become the priority.

You have a choice about how much ‘we’ you have in your life.  You can learn to create it.

It requires three things: 1) you recognize a profound appreciation for the other, 2) you use stumbles, failures, and conflicts as learning opportunities for the benefit of all; and 3) you see your part in the dance of relationship you’ve been doing all your life, unconsciously, and take responsibility for making it good.


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